Dyslexia Is Not The End Of The World
Dyslexia is something that many kids deal with every day. There are a lot of great people in history that have had dyslexia. Albert Einstein is one example of a person that had dyslexia and achieved great heights in life. Although dyslexia is a challenge in life, it is something that can be overcome and even used for intelligence. Another example of someone who was dyslexia and reached great things is Steven Spielberg. There are many things one can gain from dyslexia if they know how to deal with it.
Today, I would like to share with you, how I overcame obstacles that dyslexia taught me.

Key Takeaways:

Steve Jobs and Einstein were dyslexic.
Dyslexic people can achieve great things in life.
Dyslexic people see words way differently than average people.

Dyslexia Can T Bring Me Down Ivasen Lim Tedxyouth Punggol

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