Dyslexia is a detrimental learning disability to many children. It affects them in various ways, but among all those issues, the hardest problem to solve is how it undermines their self-confidence. Because they typically aren't reading on the grade level they should beat, they have a harder time progressing and learning in general. That, in turn, can cause a great deal of anxiety, for both the child and the parent. As this video details, the parents sometimes catch the brunt of the anxiety, as they worry about their child's education, not to mention that learning in general is a struggle. 

This is never easy for a parent to deal with, and some parents simply aren't equipped to provide what their child needs. But while it is a struggle to learn, children with dyslexia tend to still be very creative and talented, even if in other ways. In fact, many dyslexics have reached not only success, but fame too. Challenging as it may be, dyslexia can be overcome using a variety of methods, and many work drastically differently depending on the person.

Luckily, because there is no one size fits all solution, we have worked a variety of solutions into the Learning Success System. After all, the brain likes variety -- variety keeps us focused.
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If you've got kids at year one and that kid is a bright kid. However, the kid is not picking up on handwriting and reading at the same pace as his friends who you would see them as equally bright as I would say, speak to your teacher.

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexia has many problematic effects in a child's life and in their learning speed.
Dyslexia can lead the the parent of the child having fear and anxiety.
Dyslexia is not a curse, and there are many successful people who struggled and have dyslexia.

My 5 year old has dyslexia | Well Worn Whisk

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