Carrie Scheckellhoff gives a lecture on content area literacy and its relation to educating students with dyslexia. Content area literacy refers to specialized subjects, such as math, science, history, or other subject that utilizes reading and language skills to facilitate content. Not only does content literacy span a multitude of subjects, but it also involves all grade levels.
Scheckellhoff attempts to provide universal concepts for all content literacy teachers that will assist them as they may work with dyslexic students. These concepts involve techniques in detection and identification of specific problems that dyslexic students face. In turn, the teachers can devise customized plans that will benefit individual students.
Author “Review signs of dyslexia”

Key Takeaways:

This video speaks about content area literacy, which is reading related to specific subjects such as science, history, or math.
By recognizing the areas of challenge for dyslexic students, content educators can learn to taylor their curriculums to create an environment more conducive to learning for dyslexic students.
Even with these tools, educators need to have patience as they work with students who have challenges associated with dyslexia.

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