Part of becoming successful in learning is finding techniques that cater to your own strengths and abilities. This video discusses a book, Words Their Way, which delves into how children can learn better through varied techniques. This type of study is aptly called learning science, and it involves how we can balance technology and learning. Perhaps most importantly, learning science can show which techniques are and aren't working when it comes to a child's learning.

One thing learning science can show is how to retain previously learned knowledge and apply it to what we know today. When new technology is produced, these techniques can show that students are actually learning. Based on these results, scientists in the learning science field can see what techniques educators need to know about, and what will further their students' education. Ultimately, it's all about getting the most out of the classroom.

Techniques that work might include a program that develops weak micro-skills that can build into success.
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"There are five ways that we want students to be able to manipulate sounds. They include blending, isolating, matching, deleting, and substituting."

Key Takeaways:

Phonemics is based on manipulating sounds.
The book discussed in the video, Words Their Way, speaks to how children develop phonics.
Teachers can find information and examples from other teachers regarding teaching dyslexic children on Pinterest.

Dyslexia Module 3 - Instructional Screencast

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