Dyslexia can affect people to different degrees and in different ways. For example, specifically reading black text on a white background -- the way most text exists -- is very difficult for onevdyslexic woman. In this video, she describes her experience -- she can read text if the background is yellow, but has difficulty in most usual settings.

Luckily, in our current technological era, it's much easier to change backgrounds in documents, such as e-mail and Microsoft Word. But there are certainly still hiccups from time to time; when she gets texts, which appear on a white or grey background, she has difficulty. She always finds a way of mediating these types of issues, though, in this case having Siri read the messages back. Even when reading issues seem inexplicable, there are always techniques to get around them and succeed.

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"I have dyslexia, which means I find it difficult to read. I can't read basically white paper with black words."

Key Takeaways:

This woman needs a yellow background to read things, unable to see text against white text.
She tints her computer yellow to read documents better.
She has Siri read her texts.


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