Dyslexie is a font created to help people with dyslexia. The western alphabet can be confusing because some of the letters can look similar. It adds shadows to the bottom of the font and distorts the letters in certain ways. This makes the letters look different. The font helps people with dyslexia no longer confuse letters.

People with dyslexia treat letters as 3D objects. This can be a problem with reading.

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexie aims to help dyslexic learners in their reading difficulty.
Dyslexics view letters as 3D objects. This causes problems in reading and spelling.
The Dyslexie font takes into consideration the needs of dyslexic learners. They do this by creating a font that has a bolder bottom, lengthened ascender or descender for distinction of similar letters, widening opening in the letters, and some letters are slightly slanted.

DYSLEXIE,FONT,for dyslexia. Chinese subtitles by Fansub, Jack He

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