Sir Richard Branson is a most famous example of a successful entrepreneur in the UK who suffers from dyslexia. The Welsh education system didn’t believe dyslexia existed back in the 90s. A lot of business people struggle with dyslexia. To succeed, most businesses have to follow a different route because he was dyslexic, CEO James Blake said he was told at the age of 14 that he couldn’t do history.

I didn’t really get on well at school because I was dyslexic. Back in the 90s, the Welsh education system didn’t accept that dyslexia existed.
~Adam Curtis

Sir Richard Branson overcame the struggles dyslexia.

Dyslectics have to work harder than most people. They need to be taught about basic building block algorithms. They’ll have the basics they need if they learn .net or java. Learning to cope with dyslexia is like learning to succeed in business. Adam Curtis is a dyslectic who is CEO of Hoowla which he still owns.

Key Takeaways:

Adam Curtis, a tech entrepreneur, and CEO, says that learning to succeed in business is similar to learning how to deal with dyslexia.
According to Curtis, learning how to get around a set system of schooling that doesn’t work for those with dyslexia is similar to learning how to do business and be an entrepreneur.
Another tech CEO, James Blake, says that being told he couldn’t learn history because of his dyslexia made him determined to succeed and prove everyone wrong, a mindset he has carried into his business dealings.

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