Christian Foley provided an educational rap which illustrates early symptoms of dyslexia and the frustration that a student can feel as they cope with those symptoms. The students in his class participate in this portrayal from a dyslexic child’s point of view. The rap makes the struggle to read and spell clear to people who don’t have dyslexia.
Educators like Mr. Foley add an important element to modern education as they creatively help students and parents understand the many different ways that children’s brains work. Dyslexia can be especially difficult to understand for someone who does not have it. These kinds of presentations are such a great help.
you can look at things in more than one way

Key Takeaways:

Newsflare featured a teacher rapping about dyslexia.
His students got to film his rap.
Creativity helps students overcome difficulties.

Famous Rapping Teacher performs poem for Dyslexia Awareness Week

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