Can your own mindset as a parent make a difference in your child's dyslexia? This video from the Dyslexic and Unstoppable campaign discusses that idea. They suggest ideas for how dyslexics can rediscover the power they have over their lives, and reinforce that they are not held back by their dyslexia. Essentially, they are trying to stop dyslexic kids from claiming they are not good enough and can’t be normal.

The campaign also encourages parents to help their children with dyslexia. A parent's mindset about dyslexia can have a great impact on their children's beliefs about themselves, so it's vital to encourage them with the things they can do and achieve. Parents can do this by embracing that dyselxia as part of their own journey, and make clear that even though they cannot fix everything, their child can still succeed in life. 

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The words that we use to describe to our child it becomes their reality. So when we say, 'you're dyslexic and you've got this amazing gift,' they immediately take that on and find more evidence for that.

Key Takeaways:

Parents of dyslexic children should have positive mindset towards dyslexia,
Parents' mindset can have a great impact towards their dyslexic children's beliefs about themselves.
Dyslexic learners should remove their excuses and focus on what they're good at.

How Does Your State Of Mind Affect Your Child's Abiltiy To Overcome Dyslexia

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