Students have recently found a new way to read lines of text in books. The C-pen is a new device that actually scans lines of text. It is handheld and easy to use for most students of all ages. That device helps them understand lines in a book and read text on their own.

Since his diagnosis, Angus’s school has been exploring ways to facilitate his learning with an individual plan and useful technology.
~Hannah Walmsley

C-pen is a new technology application that assists in literacy.

Come to understand some of the primary symptoms of Dyslexia in students. These dyslexic students will want a teaching aid to help them learn to read. The C-pen may help them remove a stumbling block that prevents them from acquiring certain reading skills. Parents are equally impressed by the C-pen technology for books.

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexia makes it hard to do things like reading and writing.
Dyslexia can make you read slowly with many mistakes. An iPad can help you type up things.
A C-pen is a scanning pen which can read words or whole sentences out loud for you.

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