In people with dyslexia, symptoms can be mild or severe. Dyslexia is a learning difference. A bill signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown helps define dyslexia and how it is identified. To help launch a series of gatherings on the subject UC Merced is partnering with the DDCA. They will discuss tools for identification and interventions.

Symptoms can be mild or severe, but research shows that support systems and interventions make a difference – reducing the number of dyslexic students who might drop out of high school, suffer from anxiety and depression, become incarcerated or have challenges getting and keeping a job.

Dyslexia is undertreated and under diagnosed.

The number of students receiving effective instruction can be increased with the right educational services. Dyslexia is a neurobiological condition that can make reading and word recognition difficult because some people’s brains are wired differently. People with dyslexia have trouble with phonological processing. A lot of dyslexic students and adults have never been identified or treated.

Key Takeaways:

Every parent wants to learn a little more about Dyslexia as it affects students. That can get them prepared for a lot of challenges that students face.
Dyslexia will prevent students from reading appropriately when they are in the classroom. That could even hold students back a grade level while they try to learn.
Reading and writing are vital skills that every student will need to learn. Dyslexia might prevent students from doing just that in the classroom.

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