Follow the story of students who have been affected by Dyslexia in their daily lives. Their progress in school may be stalled because of Dyslexia on the whole as well. That makes their Dyslexia something worth studying and helping as students move through the school system. Follow the story of students who want to make a name for themselves as they strive for success.
People look to these Dyslexic students for inspiration in their own lives as well. Star students have a reputation to uphold whenever it is asked for in school these days. Dyslexic students face challenges when it comes to reading at their own grade level. These dyslexic students have fast become a focal point as they progress in their school system.
I'm NOT a stupid child, with a little help I can do anything I want

Key Takeaways:

Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty affecting the accuracy of reading and spelling.
Even if there is access to appropriate learning opportunities people with dyslexia still struggle.
With a little extra help, people with dyslexia can read well


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