Two senators have teamed up for a statewide school tour. The tour is part of a legislative interim study. They are researching reading literacy issues across the state to see if there are problems widespread and whether they relate to dyslexia or not. According to research an important predictor of future success is third-grade reading proficiency.

The two senators, once on opposite sides of a bill that would have required schools to hold back third-graders struggling to read, have teamed up for a statewide school tour.
~Erin Duffy

Senators are becoming advocates for those that cannot.

OPS elementary schools give 45 to 60 minutes to writing and 120 to 130 minutes per day to reading for their class. For students who aren’t understanding concepts as quickly, extra time is given. Teachers should be trained to recognize the signs of dyslexia early in children. If a student continues to reverse letters in first or second grade it might suggest that there is a larger problem.

Key Takeaways:

Third grade students that do not read well are less likely to finish high school.
Dyslexia is a problem. If students reverse letters in kindergarten it’s not a big deal, but if they continue in first and second grade, it can be an issue.
Teachers and staff are learning how to deal with students that have dyslexia.

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