One woman was able to overcome her learning disability in short order. That left the interviewer speechless and stunned many others that were looking on at her. There are other success stories in the world and people can follow suit in good time. Teachers hope to make strides with the students that they instruct.

She went from not being able to read her own name in third grade, to graduating college, which earned her a well-deserved high five from SwimKids owner Dave Tonnesen.
~Brianna Jacobson

One woman overcame a learning disability to dazzle at her job interview.

The woman is applying for a job with SkimKids and was stopped for an interview along the way. The woman impressed many with how well she spoke during the interview. That has captured the hearts of people who want to see the woman succeed. She is sure to get the job she wants by participating in the interview and showing her progress.

Key Takeaways:

Interviewers were amazed to see one woman overcome her own learning disability. That shows that Dyslexia can be managed in good time.
Students are faced with Dyslexia and fail to learn how to read too. Teachers are at a loss for how to help these Dyslexic students in the long run.
Researchers want to know more information and will follow along to learn a little more. The woman is a great case study to identify causes of Dyslexia among people.

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