Currently, dyslexia, the most common learning disability, is not screened for in the public school system in Oklahoma. Some parents and educators are trying to change that. One student, Sam Keiper, and his mother have come together with the State Department of Education for Oklahoma and advocate group Decoding Dyslexia Oklahoma to help teach teachers how to help. Sam Keiper, who is dyslexic came to do a workshop to educate them on how to better identify a possible dyslexic student. With greater awareness and better funding to provide easy tests already given in neighboring states, Oklahoma hopes to help.

Students Advocate for Better Recognition of Neurodiversity in Oklahoma Schools

In the classroom, no matter the support, living with dyslexia is simply a challenge, Keiper said.

Key Takeaways:

Signs of Dyslexia
Making Dyslexia a priority
Understanding Dyslexia faces

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