Is there a problem you have that you can solve? Great, you've got a solution! But what if there's NO solution? Good, so stop worrying!
Sounds odd, right? Well, as this video discusses, both approaches are actually equally valid when it comes to dyslexia.
Scientists are discussing whether it's possible to get rid of dyslexia all together, a popular but controversial move for both students and educators alike as well. Students with dyslexia often struggle with reading -- but it's also possible to progress in school and impress everyone along the way. 
This video asks you to consider: if you have a major struggle in life that you overcome, doesn't that strengthen you as a person more than if someone gave you a quick, easy fix?
After all, living with dyslexia makes you more creative -- you must find out solutions, and also help to get to know other people facing the same situations better. Going through with the struggle and overcoming it can actually boost your confidence in overcoming obstacles and make you happier with yourself. Do you feel the same way?
If you give it a chance, you see all the magic kind of stuff that can happen from being dyslexic.

Key Takeaways:

Scientists think it's possible to get rid of Dyslexia.
Dyslexia hinders students' ability to read, but they can still overcome and impress.
Having dyslexia can actually strengthen your creativity.

Would you get rid of your dyslexia ?

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