Students learn things in different ways. What makes sense to one person, might take someone else time to figure out. Teachers must devise a way to help everyone at the same time. John McCarthy proposes there are three different methods for teachers to reach every student. Those methods are content, process, and product.
Content is simply varying the delivery method. They can watch a video, play a game, or simply listen to a discussion. Process means how the student understands the information. You can give a lecture all day long, but if the student can’t apply the knowledge, have you really taught them? Product gives the student a choice in learning, and it is there where true learning takes place. Their ideas are center stage when you differentiate product.
The skill set required to differentiate seems mystical to some and incomprehensible to others in this environment of state standards and high-stakes tests. Where does one find the time? The reality is that every teacher already has the tools to differentiate in powerful ways for all learners.
~John McCarthy

Key Takeaways:

Differentiated Instruction allows teachers to educate their students in a diverse way.
Teachers have great experience with content, process and product as that is how they educate their students.
These three items allow teachers to educate but there are many different ways through apps, software and social media in which teachers can educate on a higher level.

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