A lot of people are glad about the departure of the current president that there will be new hope given to the field of education. The person that will be taking the helm with Joe Biden has a lot of experience in the field and is someone whose parents can look to for hope because she has the experience and knows what to do. Education has struggled greatly lately and there is a need for new hope out there.

A Bad Secretary Of Education

It was not too early, it seemed, to celebrate the coming dismissal of DeVos, perhaps the most divisive Secretary of Education in the nation's history, and to seize the chance to undo the almost incalculable damage she has done over the course of her four-year tenure.

Key Takeaways:

A lot of issues are being addressed with the new election and education.
A lady closely tired to education is going to the white house.
Parents who want help for their kids will now have someone they can look to.

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