Students with dyslexia do not have it easy. They often have to fight for the rights that need. One of these rights is an appropriate classroom accommodation. Dyslexic students learn differently from other students so the way of how they should be taught is different as well. The author has observed that most often than not, dyslexic student feel that if they disappear into the background, no will notice them and they no longer need to answer any question or read aloud. Upon learning about what dyslexic students need, they implemented the right classroom accommodations.

How a Change in Surroundings can Change Behaviors.

When the dyslexic students got the proper classroom accommodations they needed, the students' frustrations lessen and they were able to learn more effectively. The effects of good classroom accommodations extended to the students' homes and improved their behavior as well.
One of the most enlightening experiences of my life concerning classroom accommodations happened when I was first learning more about dyslexia and thus, learning about classroom accommodations.

Key Takeaways:

That student is now a student with different learning needs that is "capable," "intelligent," and "willing" to learn
Classroom accommodations help at home with improved behavior
Classroom accommodations have a positive impact on teachers

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