Establishing a Homework Checklist

The challenge is that, as students, you're often given a lot of information that is not organized. For parents, this is also frustrating because oftentimes your student has homework and they don't understand why it was even given. Sometimes the teacher isn't well organized or the homework itself demands that your student organizes it or organizes material, and that's something that they haven't been taught to do.

So we're going to talk today about how to organize material. This is really important as it relates to homework, because how you initially process information, then organize it and download it in that computer in your brain, it will dictate how you retrieve it later on, how you remember it later on, how you retrieve that information for tests or labs, or later down the road when you have to use this information again.

For younger students, you might really be working on understanding material, extracting key sentences, understanding concepts, and understanding the key themes of a story that you're reading. Take stock in the type of homework questions that your teacher is asking you because chances are those types of questions will be on the test. I hope you're going to make your pre-homework checklist with those key questions that I have down for you.

Please establish a homework space and consistent office hours for homework. Parents, focus on the student, and limit your distractions. And really remember that we aim for goal-driven and purpose-driven studies and purpose-driven homework. So try to figure out the purpose of the homework, and what's your purpose as a student for learning in this class? What goals do you have for learning in class this semester?

Remember. that we aim for goal-driven and purpose-driven studies and purpose-driven homework.

Key Takeaways:

Organizing material is a good first step at homework efficiency
Understand what this homework assignment has to do with what children are being taught in school.
Parents should focus while attending to their kid's needs

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