Student retention is also called grade retention, being held back, or repeating a grade. This is often the practice that most school does when a child is unable to pass his academics. Most often the students held back are those who have dyslexia. They are often the ones neglected because the schools are stuck in antiquated practices, stinking thinking, and limited mindsets.

For 90% of the kids, withholding of corrective reading instruction using a “wait and see” approach amounts to educational neglect when the child clearly needs help now.

The school must keep in mind that the goal of educating a child is to learn and if this is the goal then the child should have the proper tools to help learn better. It would be unfair to them to withhold accessible instructions that could help them and prevent school retention.
Thus, every time a child is struggling and the parents, teachers, or administrators want to “wait and see,” there is a 90% chance the child will NOT outgrow reading struggles. The child may become a student retention statistic without ever learning to read.
~Learning Abled Kids

Key Takeaways:

The educational establishments are stuck in limiting mindsets and antiquated practices.
When the people in the Educational Establishment do whats best for the child they improve educational outcomes.
Student retention is not another possibility of identifying learning difficulties.

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