What is Down Syndrome? It is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of the third copy of chromosome 21. Down Syndrome is typically associated with mild to moderate intellectual disability, physical growth delays and characteristic facial features. These are just descriptions but it does not truly define what it is because for the families who have loved ones with Down Syndrome. For them, those with Down Syndrome are just like any normal person.

Having a child with Down Syndrome can be challenging for people to understand. To help people understand that children with Down Syndrome are just like any other children, a group of group of fifty moms from the Facebook Group “Designer Genes” created a video with their children lip-syncing the song “A Thousand Years”. The video was created as part of the larger World Down Syndrome Day Movement.

A group composed of fifty moms from England together with their kids who have Down Syndrome created a video "Wouldn't Change A Thing", in honor of World Down Syndrome. Their aim is to show that none of them are suffering and that their lives just like any family is pretty good. And like any living person, those with Down Syndrome can be as perfect as any other. 
This beautiful video may be about Down syndrome, but I’d say that many of us who have children with disabilities relate to wanting to sing the praises of our children—who are as perfect as any others. Sometimes the world can look at people with differences and react negatively. They might see something rather than someone. These fifty moms got together to prove that children with Down Syndrome are children just the same as any other. This short video shows 50 mom and child pairs enjoying a heartwarming moment to the song “A Thousand Years”.
~Love That Max

Key Takeaways:

To commemorate World Down Syndrome Day, moms made the video, Wouldn’t Change a Thing.
The group wanted to create a positive message.
Although the mom was created with Down Syndrome in mind, anyone who cares for someone with a disability will appreciate it.

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