Your Brain Has Trillions Of Connections
Your brain creates your thoughts, your memories your feelings and also your actions. There are many neurons in the brain. The has two parts, the left, and right brain. If you did not have neurons in your brain, you would not have any feelings or memories. There are billions of neurons in the brain. The neurons are all connected so they can send signals to each other. There are trillions of connections in the brain and neurons fire all the time.
If you didn't have any neurons, you wouldn't have any thoughts.

Key Takeaways:

Your brain divided into two parts and each part handles different types of processes.
You would not have any feelings if you did not have any neurons.
There are over 86 billion neurons located inside of your brain.

How Your Brain Works for Kids | Growth Mindset and Neuroscience for Kids | I HAVE A GO

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