The 2:1 Strategy

Many years ago, play was associated with kids going outside and playing basketball or kickball, or just running around with their friends. Now, play is really associated with technology. Kids want to play video games with each other, they want to play on their computer, they want to play something interactive or watch TV. They're really engaged more in that type of play.

I came up with many years ago was something called, The 2:1 Club. And what that was is, for every two minutes of physical activity, a child engaged in, they earned one minute of technology time. Over time, they would have earned a lot of technology time from all the play that they engaged in. So for me, this was a happy medium because the kids were getting their technology time, which is important, but also getting their physical activity time.

We have many experts out there right now who are saying that this could be the first generation of children whose life expectancy could be shorter than their parents. And a lot of that is due to the sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, the lack of physical fitness, the lack of sleep, the lack of proper diet. So we really need to educate our children on what's best for them to lead a longer, healthier, more productive life. So we're not going to eliminate technology completely, but we want to lower it a good amount.

Technology stimulates the brain but we need to make sure it's not being overdone.

Key Takeaways:

Simple running, playing soccer and any physical activity that can be done at home are good for health.
Monitoring your children's usage of electronics is highly important.
Educate children on what's best for them to lead a longer, healthier, more productive life

Children and Electronics with Len Saunders

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