Does your child sometimes not follow directions?

Maybe you say, “Go do x and when your done do y”

But they only get x or y done. Not both? Or maybe neither?

Maybe you feel frustrated about this?

The Underlying Skills Needed For Following Instructions

School is now starting up across the country and has already started in many places. Are you ready?

More importantly, is your child ready?

Learning to follow instructions is one of the most critical skills for success in school. If this skill is not fully developed it will show up as poor performance in reading, math, spelling, writing, or maybe all.

It is critical to all academics.

Is your child not quite as good at following instructions as you would like them to be?

Here is why. And what you can do about it.

First, recognize that it is not laziness or defiance. It may look like that but it’s really just certain skills that need to be optimized. Those skills are

Visual Memory - This allows the child to visualize themselves carrying out the instructions. It is a powerful component of executive function. The control part of our brain. If it is not fully developed yet carrying out instructions will be all but impossible. Here’s some info on how to help your child develop visual memory skills. Click here.

Auditory Memory - This skill allows us to sequence the information. Without this, the instructions just get all jumbled up in the mind. You can find information on developing auditory memory and other micro-skills here.

Spatial Memory - This all important skill is what puts it all together. It is the critical link between all of our senses and is also the critical link between our various forms of memory. If your child has not fully developed spatial memory then following instructions will be extremely difficult for them. And of course it will also affect school grades. There is only one highly effective way of developing spatial memory and that is by developing proprioception.

Proprioception Exercises - The Killer App For Developing Learning Ability

That is why proprioception is well known as the killer app for developing the brain and it’s learning ability. Parents who get their children on a program for developing proprioception are amazed at the results. It’s so easy they wonder why they waited so long and struggled so hard. All that struggle was not necessary.

All three of these skills and more are focused on as a part of the Learning Success System. If you want to unleash your child’s potential it is the way to do it.

Note: If any of these skills are weak then focusing on more school work without strengthening them will make things worse. Far worse because your child will get frustrated and then lose confidence and self-esteem. If they are having some difficulty in school the foundational skills of learning must be built up. Once that happens they will not struggle any longer.

Far too many children are forced into trying to be effective at school by doing more work when what they really need is to back up a bit and strengthen some skills.

First, recognize that it is not laziness or defiance. It may look like that but it’s really just certain skills that need to be optimized.

Executive Function Skills

If you'd like a deeper dive into the underlying mechanics of following instructions this post covers it well. There are examples that will help you deeply understand the underlying processes involved in following instructions.

We all think in different ways but even so each of us still relies on the same underlying micro-skills to do so. Together these micro-skills make up what is known as executive function. Kids with executive function difficulty will have difficulty following instructions as well as many other cognitive tasks. Fortunately these skills can and should be developed to their potential. Everyone should be given a chance to be their best self.

Key Takeaways:

Auditory memory is critical to following instructions
Visual memory is critical to following instructions
Spatial skills ties it all together
What would it feel like when you and your child are both proud of their new report card?

Let’s make it easier on them and ourselves by doing so.

That’s what leads to a great new school year.

What would it feel like when you and your child are both proud of their new report card?

Start the Learning Success System now and you can look forward to enjoying that feeling when the first report cards come out.

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