Anxiety is defined as the feeling of uneasiness similar to feeling being worried or the feeling of fear that can either be mild or severe. Most people experience anxiety and it is a feeling that can hinder anyone from doing what they need to be done. Anxiety can also cause complications in learning.

Anxiety Can't Be That Bad, Right? Wrong.

We all experience anxiety at every situation, be it at a speaking engagement, debate or taking a test. Anxiety attacks can happen at any time and can be very difficult to face with especially to a young child. Every parent must be able to help their child get over their anxiety so that they can accomplish whatever it is they need to do in life, especially, learning.
I have learned to just accept it, and begin to accommodate it.

Key Takeaways:

The day after bombing an oral speech, the author struggled academically on a math test.
Now in charge of her son's homeschooling, the author often worries that their childhood failure will have a bearing on their teaching methods.
In reality, each day the author's son feels a myriad of emotions, including anxiety.

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