Every summer thousands of kids fall further behind their peers in school. And to make things worse the problem tends to compound year over year. Over a few summers a struggling learner can find themselves years behind grade level.

The last thing these kids want is to do more homework over summer. So what's a parent to do?

Develop A Love Of Learning In Your Child

The foundations of learning are not actually academics. To be good at academics a child must possess other attributes. Things like:


  • Curiousity
  • A love of learning
  • Self-confidence in learning


And summer is the perfect time to help your child grow stronger in these areas.


Additionally, summer is a time of play and new experiences. These can be harnessed to maximize neuroplasticity. Physical play is at the heart of developing proprioception and proprioception is the foundation of brain development. In other words, summer is a great opportunity for brain growth and development. Intelligence is fluid and summertime activities are an easy way to take advantage of that.




Summertime Learning

This short video explains how you can maximize summer learning for your child.

With just a little bit of attention to guiding your child's development over the summer you can help your child develop their best brain.

Incorporating Learning Into Summer Play

To help you make the most out of your child's summer professionals from around the world have put together a set of summer learning tips for you. It's called the smarter this summer program

These ideas come from a variety of disciplines. That's great because variety is one of the things that wakes up the brain. These are simple ideas you can easily incorporate into your child's day. Most are free.

See how many you can do this summer and your child is sure to become an eager learning and ready for the next school year when it comes. Forget the summer slide, it's time to be "Smarter This Summer"

Key Takeaways:

It's easy to enhance learning over the summer
You don't have to force academics
Your child can start the school year off with a better brain


We are grateful for these wonderful contributors to the "Smarter This Summer" program. Each of them brings their own special expertise and their own take on how your child can be "Smarter This Summer".

We hope you enjoy their tips and share them with your friends

With just a little bit of attention to guiding your child's development over the summer you can help your child develop their best brain.

Although academics can be a good addition they are not necessary, and sometimes counterproductive to building up the underlying learning skills that they require.

Instead, building confidence in learning and a love of learning actually will help more in the long run. As a parent you can help your child build these through fun summertime activities.

Get all of the tips at https://www.learningsuccesssystem.com/tips/sts/smarter-this-summer

or if you would like them emailed to you daily just sign up at http://smarterthissummer.com

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