The amount of screen time that children should receive is controversial. Some positive effects of screen time are that it is readily available. Children have access to education opportunities and they are able to communicate with long-distance relatives using various applications. The negative effects include addiction, exposure to inappropriate material, and lack of face-to-face communication. Adults can unintentionally affect children by having videos playing in the background or ignoring the children while engrossed in their own screens. Ultimately, it is important to find balance and work with children to model appropriate behaviors and screen-time usage.

parenting world

t is often reported that screen time should be limited, it can stunt development, or it creates aggression.

Key Takeaways:

Screens are very tempting to kids that are growing up and that can hinder their development.
The kids that are raised today are given screens the second they are born.
Technology has allowed a lot more freedom to people, but there is a downside to that.

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