Have you ever really taken the time to prepare a very special meal?

From the main course to all of the trimmings you just gave it your all.

Maybe, as the guests sat down in awe you just sat back and enjoyed watching them take it all in. And it probably felt pretty good

Well, having a really impressive school year is a lot like that special meal. It takes a little planning and a little prep. And when you do that, well the payoff is huge!

The Ingredients

There are three very important ingredients necessary for your child to have their best school year ever. Let's go over each of them individually.


1. Self-Confidence

Every new task takes the confidence to take it on. The larger the task the more confidence required. A new school year is a constant series of new tasks. Each unknown. A child with confidence happily takes on each new learning experience. They look forward to it because learning new things makes us feel good and they know it. They have felt those good feelings many times. 

As a matter of fact, growth is a basic human need. We all need to grow and learn to be happy. Growth and happiness are tied together in our DNA.

Unfortunately children who have struggled in school do not usually experience this happiness. It is blocked by anxiety.

The good news is that can be fixed. Using self-confidence building strategies.

The process for building confidence is really simple. 

a) Take on challenges that are slightly more difficult than what has been achieved before

b) When the challenge has been achieved celebrate!

c) Repeat as often as possible


This actually cause small serotonin releases in the brain. These serotonin releases are what train the brain to enjoy challenge. And it makes us happy.

2. A Healthy Happy Brain


When we learn we use a whole lot of smaller  skills. We call these learning micro-skills.


Each of these learning micro-skills contributes to the overall skill of learning. And the wonderful thing is that through the magic of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis we can strengthen each of these skills. As each of these skills is strengthened our intelligence grows. As that happens learning new skills becomes much easier.

Of course when learning becomes easier confidence grows and harder challenges can be taken on. This creates a virtuous cycle. Better learning skills creates more confidence and more confidence creates better learning skills. And on and on.

By the way the best way to cause neurogenesis and neuroplasticity in your child's brain is proprioceptive exercises.


3. Grit

Grit sounds like it's something you're born with. Toughness.

It's not! It's something you build.

Every now and then something is extra difficult. The challenge is a little bit bigger than what we're used to. When that happens grit is the quality that gets us through. Without grit we backslide and lose confidence. With grit we build confidence even faster.

So how do you build it?

It's simple actually. You just do 1 and 2. When we build up learning skills and confidence together we learn that we can handle challenges AND we develop a passion for doing so. These things together form grit.

And once a child has developed grit there's no stopping them. They'll take on and succeed in any challenge

It's wonderful to see. 

Before long your child will be a beacon of confidence. They'll love learning once again. Just like they naturally should.

School Success

It's really a simple formula. It just takes a little planning and a lot of consistency.

We made it eaasy for you though. Grab a copy of the Learning Success system and you'll get an email every day. Each email will contain a very simple exercise you can do with your child. Each exercise only takes a few minutes. Each one helps them build up confidence, learning skills and grit.

Before long your child will be a beacon of confidence. They'll love learning once again. Just like they naturally should.

You'll enjoy seeing the changes in your child. Your child will feel much better once all that school anxiety is gone.

And best of all they'll enjoy learning once again.

Key Takeaways:

As children build confidence they do better in school
You can help your child build a healthy strong brain
Grit develops naturally as confidence and a love of learning grows

But don't wait.

Building confidence, learning skills, and grit is easy but it does take a little time. So if you start now you'll reap the benefits. If you wait it gets much harder. 

Just like when cooking a great meal, a little planning and preparation makes things easy. So get started now








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