Screen Time With Kids
One of the greatest threats to learning is comfort. Learning a language is an uncomfortable thing and in that state, we gain most. Information is uncomfortable at first, but then it assimilates and goes into order and we are better off. But, when it comes to technology, kids can actually learn less due to things being too comfortable. Being uncomfortable leads to the most learning in life. For example, a baby always tries to learn and they are uncomfortable. Read more about how a parent's emotions can affect a child at
I wanna return to the idea of discomfort. So much learning happens in a state that is uncomfortable.

Key Takeaways:

One of the greatest threats to learning is comfort in life.
Day in and day out we are overwhelmed with info and that info assimilates over time.
The brain wants to conserve energy and when it wants to learn, that can be uncomfortable.

Children and Electronics with Martin Jon Garcia

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