A Tale of Two Moms (and Two Boys)

Jackie and Jill were much the same.

They were both great moms.

They both loved their sons very much.

They both would do anything to help their sons succeed in whatever they did.

Both Boys Had Trouble Learning Math

They both had discovered that their sons had trouble learning math around the same time.

Their boys were very alike as well.

Both boys were incredibly intelligent, yet math was a struggle.

Both boys had become embarrassed about their problem. (and their behavior showed it)

Both boys had quickly lost self-confidence.

Both boys began to take longer and longer to complete their homework or tried to avoid it altogether.

A Year Later Things Were Different

But a year later Jackie and Jill's lives became very different from each other.

Jackie's son had become depressed. Most of the time he refused to try at all. No matter what the task.

Jackie became more frustrated, more stressed, and more fearful for her son's future.

Jackie was run down and desperate.

Things had gotten so bad that she was interviewing a lawyer to be an educational advocate for her son. Spending huge amounts of money to try to force the school to provide more assistance.

One day school just clicked for him

Jill's Life Was Different

Jill's life had gone a different direction. A much better direction.

Jill's son's future was looking grande.

He was getting great grades and since homework was no longer a death match, he had time for other things.

He was trying out different sports and really enjoying it.

Jill was a proud mom. Enjoying her son’s progress in school. Not all A’s yet but mostly A’s. A few B’s.

The one C didn’t bother her at all.

It was a far cry from being several grade levels behind (like before) and she knew that with just a little more work it would be smooth sailing for her boy.

Key Takeaways:

Build up the building blocks of learning
At-home Educational therapy can work wonders
Slow change creates lasting results

What Made The Difference?

What made the difference between these two mom's lives?

It was this:

When Jackie had discovered the problem she looked to the school to solve it. The school couldn’t solve it. They were not equipped. All they could do was offer remedial classes.

They just warehoused her son with kids with severe learning disabilities. Not only was that not a solution but it just put him further behind.

She knew the work they were giving him was just to bide the time. It didn't help anything.

Jill went another route with her son.

When Jill discovered the problem she went into parenting mode and helped her son herself.

She knew she was the best one to help because a parent always is.

She worked on the micro-skills of learning with him. Each day taking just a few minutes to do the simple exercises.

Slowly building confidence.

Slowly building skills.

She used proprioception exercises to build stimulate neurogenesis and neuroplasticity.

Until one day, math just clicked.

That was a proud day for Jill.

That was a proud day for her son.

And today, they are both much happier for it.

What you do for your child is a personal decision.


School accommodations can be helpful. But an over-reliance on them can lead to just falling further and further behind.

Just remember, very few schools have the resources needed to help children with dyslexia symptoms.

Many schools won't even use the term. They are just not equipped to help. Teachers are rarely trained to handle this. (One way we know is some of the best teachers reach out to us to learn how to help)

Schools don't have the resources to help.

Maybe in 10 or 20 years, they will, but today they don't.

So usually they lump these intelligent kids in with children with severe learning disabilities and this can lead to all sorts of difficult scenarios.

But parents can help. Helping your child is easy with the right toolset.

A little guided help at home can work wonders. Far easier than fighting the school system (which doesn't work anyway).

Educational therapy is not difficult. You just need a simple how to. A simple plan to follow daily. And once you start everything gets easier.

  • Confidence builds
  • Homework takes less time
  • Tantrums fade away
  • Grades soar

Consider what the school has to offer. But don’t get stuck in the vicious cycle that Jackie did.

It’s your child’s future at stake.

If you’d like a home program to guide you step by step then the Learning Success System is for you. A simple guided program you can do at home in just a few minutes a day.

If you want a great future for your child, get started on the system today.

It will be the best investment you have ever made. There is no better investment than your child's future.

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To be honest, it's not a quick fix. Nothing is.

There is no quick fix.

But think about this. You are either moving forward or moving backward.

If you are moving backward then the fix is just going to get harder and harder. If you are moving forward you will eventually get there.

Which do you choose?

When you get started, slowly, everything starts to get easier.

 You'll start to notice small improvements and these small improvements will add up to big improvements.

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Learning Success

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