Girls are always very pleasing and sweet to almost everyone. They especially know how to charm their teachers more than boys. That is why most often than not, these girls are not on anyone's radar on whether they need to be screened for learning disorders or not.

Blending in is good for no one.

The parents as well a the teachers need to be able to get pass through the girls' sweetness to make sure that they get the same treatment on screening for learning disorders. When the right diagnosis is given then the right solution will be given.
It’s really great that your daughter is “so sweet – so smart,” but don’t be lulled if you have concerns.

Key Takeaways:

Girls are masters at teachers pleasing behaviors.
Girls are great in interacting with their teachers which often lead to ignoring the flaws they have in terms of learning.
Writing should serve as the bell that sounds the alarm that a child's thought process and understanding are not of sound-symbol relationships.

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