Young students today are frustrated and struggling with reading, as most are taught an effective method of deciphering words. This method is showing its impact on reading scores, as nearly forty percent of students in the fourth grade are not reading at a level suitable for their age group. Fortunately, there is a way to halt this learning style and teach your child a better way to learn new words.
There are four different types of guessers and discovering which category best fits your child is the first step. First Letter Guesser, Word Shape Guesser, Picture Clue Guesser, and Context Clue Guesser are all used to describe the method in which a child may use. There is technique that can help direct your child onto a new path of learning called the blending method. This multi-sensory method is just a few of the ways this program will help your student gain confidence in reading, writing, and spelling.
Guessing instead of learning is a problem that a lot of young students struggle with. Unfortunately, some teachers actually teach students to guess at a word’s identity based on context, the visual appearance of the word, or even pictures on the page.
~Taylor Quinn

Key Takeaways:

Public schools teach guessing to children when it comes to something they don’t understand and it’s not an effective way to teach.
It is possible to reverse the bad habit of guessing when it comes to children but it does take time and effort to break.
Some children guess words by looking at their first letter, but again this is not an effective teaching or learning method because it can set the children up for failure.
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