Yoga is an increasingly popular among people in the United States as well as all over the world. Now a local yoga instructor by the name of Julie Leatherbarrow is ringing her yoga class to teachers in her area. Why is she doing this? She is doing this so that they can bring it to their classrooms in an attempt to help their students.

So many of the kids have sensory processing issues and the techniques that we learned today would really help bring body awareness as well as an improvement in their attention to task.
~Nancy Noud

Teachers bring yoga to their classrooms to help their students.

So why is this idea that teachers are taking to heart? The yoga practice relieves stress and can create a bonding experience. In doing this in the classroom students will be able to manage things that are thrown at them all day long just like the teachers will. To learn more about this idea, read more in this article.

Key Takeaways:

A New York yoga instructor is teaching yoga to teachers and therapists so they can use the practice in their classrooms.
Her workshops aim to teach students the mindfulness of yoga and how it can be used to de-stress.
Yoga is also useful for students with sensory processing disorder because it helps with body awareness and improves attention.