Are you someone that likes to help others? Have you ever wondered how you can help children with sensory issues? A company by the name of SO Awesome creates a new wallet sized card that helps children with their sensory issues and it all started with one mother and twin boys who loved to chew on things.

SO Awesome’s durable cards also help Silas and Owen, now 6, with their sensory processing. Camp uses the emotion cards to help her boys recover after moments of sensory overload.
~Jordan Davidson

A new wallet-sized card that can help children with sensory issues

Marie-Claire indicates that her children loved to chew on things when they were younger and would chew right through any of their toys. This would include board books all the way to high-contrast image flashcards. It was because of this that she decided to design a product that was educational. To learn more about this product, read more in this article.

Key Takeaways:

One woman decided to design a product that was educational, chewable and would help her boys,
The wallet cards are sold through Camp’s Michigan-based company, SO Awesome.
SO Awesome’s products are popular among kids and parents.