When a child has autism, it is important to keep in mind that the key to understanding sensory and social issues is timing. To the child the outside world looks like one great, big, buzzing confusion because the child doesn’t know how to filter out time. As adults we have a little more of a grasp on this. Someone who is autistic regardless of age has the same issue with filtering out the multi-sensory world around them.

We gain a faster and more accurate perception of the world when we use information from multiple senses.
~M.M. Murray

Timing is important for understanding sensory and social issues in autistic children.

Now, when you are around the world and our sensors are being thrown into over drive with sound, touch, taste, smell and sight it is then timing that helps someone with autism how to filter out the items that are most important. One great key is to keep in mind piecemeal perception. To learn more about timing and autism, read more in this article.

Key Takeaways:

Children with autism experience fundamental differences in sensation and perception.
Individuals with autism process time in a different way than most people.
Neurofeedback training can help people overcome the negative symptoms of autism.