Salesmen know handing a product over to a client to touch is likely to change their mind about it when they at first don’t want to buy. When visitors aren’t supposed to touch an artwork display, guards have to stop them from trying to touch it. Touch is more objective than the other senses.

Contrary to the proverbial expression that ‘seeing is believing’, it is a touch that secures our epistemic grip on reality.
~by Guest

Touch is the most objective sense a human possesses.

Touching something is more psychologically reassuring than seeing. Touching something makes it more valid. When our other senses or beliefs are uncertain, touching to be sure is highly relevant. Touching removes the doubt; knowing that things can’t be touched can create a feeling of worry. Touch makes us feel better about what we encounter.

Key Takeaways:

Touch fastens our grip on reality.
Someone may not want to buy a product but if the salesman hands it to them to touch they will most likely buy.
Touch is more objective than the other senses according to philosophy.
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