certified educational advocate

I have been a certified educational advocate since l99l and advise parents that signing an IEP does not mean this document is signed in granite. If you rethink your position and have good cause, specific examples of changes to be made, errors, or errors in your thinking, be prepared...write a list of changes, areas needing more discussion or investigation, notify the school team in writing requesting a team meeting to go over your concerns, obtain your clarifications and you may withdraw your approval pending new information, changes in your child's condition or situation.You may feel free to obtain back up from your child's physicians, consultants, independent evaluators or consult directly with the advocacy office for parents in your State or contact the Department of Education/Special Educationin your State for your rights. Taking courses and classes usually free of charge from parent information centers in your State can help you avoid problems and will offer support from parents and professionals as you negotiate your way through special education. Esther Ross, certified educational advocate, Nashua, New Hampshire PS. My new book on caregiving will be helpful too...it can be found through ther messgae at the bottom.Good luck.

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