I'm happy with the work we have accomplished on behalf of our children. It has taken 4 and 5 years respectively of extensive and persistent work to get IEPs in place for two of our 6 children. Our two sons really needed the IEPs in place far sooner! 10 years of funding cuts to education and programs for special needs children in our province, has really meant that we have had tireless courage and fortitude to fight for our children rights in order that they might have their special needs met in the school. And then you have to be careful with school personnel who are misguided and write an easy IEP that further victimizes the special needs child by labeling the needs as behavioural problems.
Now the IEPs are in place thankfully, but they lack real weight again because of budget cuts. The schools our understaffed and thus pay little attention to the IEPs you have to continuously remind them of their need to apply the IEPs.
Some parents in our situation have given up on the public schools and enrolled their children in private schools, some have tried to work within the public schools and failed, others have succeeded like us but really for what, and still others just give up and...
I am a Dr. of Psychology and have specialized in working with families, children, and adults with learning disabilities, I know that for those that our neglected it will significantly impact their lives, and for a few the world is so confusing they get lost in a world of crime not always by choice. I personally believe there is a strong correlation between cutting funding to schools and special needs programs and the future increase funding for prison/jail construction.
In conclusion I'm saddened by what our government has done to our schools and if we had the funds, we would have enrolled our children in private schools, but a large family requires other expenses take a priority.
Sometimes I really believe that the intent is for the public school system to fail, but
we will have to continue to work diligently to save our schools and our children.