Grammar skills help people earn more in their professions. Reviews of almost 500 freelance professionals done by Grammarly found that those freelance professionals who made fewer errors in their writing had higher ratings on Elance, an online staffing platform. Grammarly reviewed each piece of work for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Those who had 5 star ratings had an average of 12.6 errors per hundred words, those with 4.7 stars had 24.7 errors, and those with 4.4 stars ratings had 30.6 errors. Grammarly then found that professionals who work as writers and translator had the fewest errors (10.1 errors per 100 words). It was found that IT & programming professionals had the most errors per 100 words at 19.3. As a person made fewer mistakes they made more per job they preformed. Grammarly wants people know that while they cannot imply causation between writing ability and earnings, professionals are judged by the quality of the writing they do.

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