Great experience in Burbank

Our son has a yearly IEP. After multiple IEPs with the LAUSD, they continued to get better as time went on.

We recently moved to Burbank, which necessitated a new IEP within 30 days of starting school in that district. Our son has autism and is being mainstreamed this year at Washington Elementary.

I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of support, and the personal involvement of the principal. Everyone at the meeting was very happy with our current level of involvement both with our son's teacher and with the school as a whole. They were all supportive of my son and felt like he was in the right place.

I am very relieved and happy with my child's current IEP. They are focusing on his behavior issues and we discussed many strategies. Our words went right into the IEP. I felt heard and I'm optimistic for my son's success.