I signed an IEP and I regret it

mal iep

 have a problem. my daughter's IEP from the KINDER already by the end of third grade and will devido to two degrees below the want to move to special education. and wonder that even today if they knew what was happening. ????? 

What is Your IEP situation or expertise?: 
What is Your IEP situation or expertise?:


I have a daughter in the 7th grade. She has been in individualized education program since the 1st grade. She is so behind in school, we have to hire teachers to come to our home to help with her studies. Every time we go in for a meeting, it seems the school just wants to complain. When I ask my daughter, she says she is always getting pulled out of class, and cant keep up. This doesn't work, it teaches kids to be lazy, why do the work when they make up the grades?

What is Your IEP situation or expertise?: 
What is Your IEP situation or expertise?:

It depressed my brother before school even started

This is a fairly easy question to answer.

I am a teacher, in addition, my brother had IEP's throughout his entire
school life. After a long conversation with my brother, who is now 35, we
agree on one thing. It was always a downer to hear everything he couldn't
do before the beginning of the year. The IEP states the areas of
improvement and then the goals, but the child is left listening to the ugly
and nothing else. It depressed my brother before school even started. He
mentioned how he felt so excited to start with his friends, but only
reminded on how he's different and not like the other kids. He also
mentioned how that kept him separated from others, and nervous about meeting
new kids with the heightened feeling of how he's different.

My brother is extremely out going, and it was interesting for me to hear him
speak about his nervousness.

I hope that helps.

Thank You,

Laurie Teague

What is Your IEP situation or expertise?: 
What is Your IEP situation or expertise?:

Frustrated with special needs programs & IEP's

My daughter is 12 yrs old and has been handicapped since birth. She has attended school since she was 3yrs old. She started out in the early learning program offered at one of the school districts where we lived. We live in a large city, so there are alot of differenct school districts. Where we use to live when she was 3 was a different district, but they bussed her to the district that offered the early learning program. When she was 5 yrs old & about ready to enter Kindergarden, they group who conducts the IEP's was really pushing me to put her into the school district in which we lived. They said it was because of class room ratio of student to teacher's aides and that the state of Illinois was paying out of district tuition for her to attend her current shool. So in otherwords, I was forced into sending her to a totally different school in a different district. As is turned out, the current school district we are in now & where she went then was a Blessing! The current school district has a highly recommendation for education.

What is Your IEP situation or expertise?: 
What is Your IEP situation or expertise?:

a teacher told me I should just do what she said since she is the professional

I am not sure what type of information that you are looking for and what area you are looking at. My background:

I have a daughter with Down Syndrome who will be 20 years old in October. She has a hearing impairment and is non-verbal. We live in Green Bay, Wisconsin and she attends Syble Hopp School. This is a school where only disabled kids attend. Our school district has sent her to Syble Hopp since she was 3 years old. They have a contract with Syble Hopp to implement the IEP's that are set up.

We are in a different situation than most parents--the state of Wisconsin is stating that they only deal with our school district when discussing an IEP and then the school district often tells me that they need to do what Syble Hopp says. I would say that in the past 5-6 years I have had a number of problems with this system.

As far as the signing of the IEP I don't actually sign an IEP after the fact. When I come in to a meeting they tell me to sign an attendance sheet. This sheet is then at the end of the IEP when I receive a copy. When I filed a complaint one year the state told me that I approved the IEP and signed it. I questioned it one time and they told me they needed my signature to show I was at the meeting. I don't think this is the way it was set up originally. I can remember signing a copy after the fact many years ago. As far as the IEP goes...yes I often regret what happens at those meetings. In my case the teachers at Syble Hopp read off what they want in the IEP...then they say do you agree? So much is thrown at you at a time that your head is spinning and at this point I just say yes because they argue with anything I have to say. (Parents really don't have equal rights --even though they say they do). I have gone back and have asked them to change things on an IEP after the fact. Sometimes they just do it --other times they insist on another meeting.

What is Your IEP situation or expertise?: 
What is Your IEP situation or expertise?:


I would just like to state that i have been doing IEP's now for my daughter for 5 years, and yes i think there a good idea if you keep a close eye that they are actualy being done at school because at my daughters old school they had said that she had completed them. When i applied for the B squared that was the case the Bsquared which i will just explain what Bsquared are! These are the percetage charts for the IEP's which should add up and match the IEP's in my daughters case they didnt match up and what was happening was the school was saying she had completed this when she hadnt and in most schools are children who may not be the highest in a special needs class have to do the work of the highest functioning in that class weather they've completed the things they need. So i would like to say to parents ask the school for a copy of all IEP's and the Bsquared for each year and see if your child really is matching up to what the school is saying. And always get a Child Pyschologist to do a report on your child so you know as a parent what level they are at and what they need to be doing very important, as specialists, teachers will tell you lots of things but dont forget the schools,councils are all working together and its all a conspiracy act, anything to save money councils have budgets. Also always ask the school for finacial details to check how much money they are spending on your child to see if they are really getting the therapys and the things they are suppose to be getting i bet if everyone of you did this you would be amazed at how many of your children arent getting what they need. I hope this helps people.

Good Luck
And Look After Our Special Little Anglesxx

What is Your IEP situation or expertise?: 
What is Your IEP situation or expertise?:

The good and the bad of IEPs

I have had both a good and a bad experience with the IEP process. Both were in regard to my now 7 year old daughter who is on the autism spectrum.

In pre-kindergarden it was established by her school that she needed special education services and a plan was set up. At that point we knew nothing about what we were doing. However, her teachers at that time were really kind and knowledgeable about her needs.

In kindergarden the same IEP was used with a few additions and by the end of kindergarden year she was at nearly the same level educationally as her peers and had met or exceeded all of her IEP goals. She was still not potty trained and had some other emotional issues, but was at a high enough level that the teachers and school wanted to pull and reduce many of the special services that were on her IEP.
It was agreed upon that her hours would be greatly reduced starting in first grade, the following year.

So, first grade began on a very bad note and only got worse. Even after having a revised IEP put into place a month after school began, the staff (which was all new) was unable to help her. By the holidays, she was refusing to go to school and had been suspended at least once. Things did not get much better and by the end of the year and included more suspensions for behaviors. The school was asking us what to do with her and had suggested holding her back, moving her to our district's special ed school (over an hour away by bus) which we were told was for the very emotionally disturbed. We really did not know how to help her or them, but they did not seem to be making any suggestions either.

What is Your IEP situation or expertise?: 
What is Your IEP situation or expertise?:


To tell you the truth I don't even remember signing anything they just put my daughter on it. I feel its a cop out on the educators part when teaching my 13 year old daughter. She basically does less work and easier exercises. Now I feel she is very far behind in expressive and written language. The educators like to accomodate these coded children instead of educate them. I am pretty tired of IEP. Doesn't help my daughter one bit. I feel that the school system worries that if the child is sent to a special classroom for special instruction that the other students will tease them. I feel that either way they will get teased due to lack of ability to perform verbal communication. So why not set up a classroom for special needs children that are mildly moderately delayed and get them tuned up so the next year they can be in a regular classroom. Integrated classrooms are no help when there in no help available nor are IEP.

What is Your IEP situation or expertise?: 
What is Your IEP situation or expertise?: