IEP (Individual Education Plan) Experiences

These are IEP (Individualized Education Plan) experiences from parents and educators. IEP experiences are extremely varied. Some good some bad. But the most important thing is that a parent is educated in the matter.

The postings below are from real people who have been through the experience. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of these claims but post them here unedited in the hopes that it is helpful to those going through the experience.

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Aww yes...IEP's. Where shall I begin? First, I put my expertise as experienced in the administration of IEP's because my son has had an IEP for 9 years. I think for me, I would count as experienced.

I do not regret the IEP, nor does it make me happy. I feel that the IEP is widely overused... Read more about this IEP experience


To tell you the truth I don't even remember signing anything they just put my daughter on it. I feel its a cop out on the educators part when teaching my 13 year old daughter. She basically does less work and easier exercises. Now I feel she is very far behind in expressive and written language... Read more about this IEP experience

As an elementary teacher for 12 years, I sat in many IEP meetings and was always asked for my input into the student's well being within the classroom. There are times when an IEP can be a life saver for the teacher, student, and parent. At other times, it can be a constricting document that... Read more about this IEP experience

This is my daughter's 6th grade year. She has had an IEP every year since she started kindergarten. I am very pleased with the IEPs. They give some definition to the process of her learning. The goals and methods, the percentages are all very specific information. Having that specific... Read more about this IEP experience

I have had both a good and a bad experience with the IEP process. Both were in regard to my now 7 year old daughter who is on the autism spectrum.

In pre-kindergarden it was established by her school that she needed special education services and a plan was set up. At that point we knew... Read more about this IEP experience


I have been a teacher for 12 years and have been involved in many IEP's for my students. When I first began teaching, I was very naive about the process. Now that I have sent students through the Student StudyTeam and have requested IEP's and seen the truth about what an IEP really offers, I am... Read more about this IEP experience

I want to explain my choice above, I am only happy, because it forced his teachers to help him. My Son Robby, who is now 22, has Central Auditory Processing Disorder, at the time was not reconized by the Social Security Administration as a LD, so he was funded under specific Learning disabled, 2... Read more about this IEP experience


I would just like to state that i have been doing IEP's now for my daughter for 5 years, and yes i think there a good idea if you keep a close eye that they are actualy being done at school because at my daughters old school they had said that she had completed them. When i applied for the B... Read more about this IEP experience

My daughter has had an IEP since fairly early in her school career; I cannot remember if it was first or second grade. She is now in 9th grade, and repeated 6th grade.

Her IEP is for a significant identifiable emotional disability (SEID), as reaching past her comfort zone is very... Read more about this IEP experience

As a mom of a son with special needs I have attended MANY IEP meetings and I have refused to sign before. I have had to remind the school of my rights, my son’s rights, etc. I have written goals and objectives before the meeting to help the school officials come up with the best program for my... Read more about this IEP experience