IEP (Individual Education Plan) Experiences

These are IEP (Individualized Education Plan) experiences from parents and educators. IEP experiences are extremely varied. Some good some bad. But the most important thing is that a parent is educated in the matter.

The postings below are from real people who have been through the experience. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of these claims but post them here unedited in the hopes that it is helpful to those going through the experience.

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I am not sure what type of information that you are looking for and what area you are looking at. My background:

I have a daughter with Down Syndrome who will be 20 years old in October. She has a hearing impairment and is non-verbal. We live in Green Bay, Wisconsin and she attends... Read more about this IEP experience

I have been a certified educational advocate since l99l and advise parents that signing an IEP does not mean this document is signed in granite. If you rethink your position and have good cause, specific examples of changes to be made, errors, or errors in your thinking, be prepared...write a... Read more about this IEP experience

My son has just graduated High School, and he had an IEP since he was in pre-school. Here's my advice to other parents of special-needs children, FWIW:

1. Don't wait. The bureaucrat's favorite weapon is delay, and every day counts when you're talking about your kid's future. Never... Read more about this IEP experience

Hi, I am responding to your Haro request. I was a child who grew up under
the IEP process. I thought you might be interested in my perspective now
that I am in my last year of college (Beacon College, only 4 year
accredited Learning Disability college in America).

In... Read more about this IEP experience

I had a fiasco at the end of this last school year. I was glad that I had signed my IEP, but dismayed at the fact that the state and the school thought that they could change mid stream. I eventually won my battle with the school district, and have now started the school year off with... Read more about this IEP experience


My situation:
My son is a 6th grade student.
He came to the US from Guatemala when he was 3 years old and only spoke "baby spanish".
He stopped speaking for about 6 months
He finally received Speech Therapy through Child Development Services
So, it's... Read more about this IEP experience

I am the parent of a 30 year old son with Cerebral Palsy. My experience with IEP's started 29 years ago. At fist I was quite intimidated because of the many individuals that where involved with the process. There were doctors, therapists,, teachers, VMRC, CCS, and the list went on. Sometimes... Read more about this IEP experience

Our son has an IEP because of ADD and dysgraphia. We mentioned it to the teacher at the beginning of the year and she knew that part of the IEP was that he would go to the resource room for his writing work. I brought his IEP up again at Halloween because of problems our son was having in her... Read more about this IEP experience

Situation that I would rather not define has come up four times and I would like to avoid in the future was discussed in the IEP meeting The IEP was mailed to us to be signed and the situation and conversation was not included. There has been a change in Administration now. Do I demand and... Read more about this IEP experience

Our son has a yearly IEP. After multiple IEPs with the LAUSD, they continued to get better as time went on.

We recently moved to Burbank, which necessitated a new IEP within 30 days of starting school in that district. Our son has autism and is being mainstreamed this year at Washington... Read more about this IEP experience