IEP (Individual Education Plan) Experiences

These are IEP (Individualized Education Plan) experiences from parents and educators. IEP experiences are extremely varied. Some good some bad. But the most important thing is that a parent is educated in the matter.

The postings below are from real people who have been through the experience. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of these claims but post them here unedited in the hopes that it is helpful to those going through the experience.

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My son has been on an IEP since he was in first grade; he is now in 5th. His IEP falls into the category of Other Health Impairment. My son has a number of medical conditons including Epilepsy, Anxiety Disorder, ADD, Sensory Integration, Tourettes, and Tremors. Along with these medical issues... Read more about this IEP experience

My 3 y-o, Abby, has a diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech. She turned 3 in Dec. 2008 and had her first IEP in Jan. 2009. At the time, her goals were based on assessments from the birth-3 program. Abby met all but her speech goals in the first three months. I asked for an IEP at that time,... Read more about this IEP experience

My daughter is 12 yrs old and has been handicapped since birth. She has attended school since she was 3yrs old. She started out in the early learning program offered at one of the school districts where we lived. We live in a large city, so there are alot of differenct school districts.... Read more about this IEP experience

I was a teacher for 6 years. Throughout that experience I worked with many special needs children. Mostly because I did well with them, so administrators and parents felt good with their kids in my class. I was at many countless IEP meetings. If I had known then what I know now. I would be... Read more about this IEP experience

This is a fairly easy question to answer.

I am a teacher, in addition, my brother had IEP's throughout his entire
school life. After a long conversation with my brother, who is now 35, we
agree on one thing. It was always a downer to hear everything he couldn't
do... Read more about this IEP experience


I'm happy with the work we have accomplished on behalf of our children. It has taken 4 and 5 years respectively of extensive and persistent work to get IEPs in place for two of our 6 children. Our two sons really needed the IEPs in place far sooner! 10 years of funding cuts to education and... Read more about this IEP experience

I have a daughter in the 7th grade. She has been in individualized education program since the 1st grade. She is so behind in school, we have to hire teachers to come to our home to help with her studies. Every time we go in for a meeting, it seems the school just wants to complain. When I ask... Read more about this IEP experience

 have a problem. my daughter's IEP from the KINDER already by the end of third grade and will devido to two degrees below the want to move to special education. and wonder that even today if they knew what was happening. ?????