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Our brains are complex miracles of nature. Although still not fully understood, a lot of research has been conducted to try and understand the brain’s development and potential limits. One particularly interesting area of study is how the division of the left and right hemispheres seemingly impacts cerebral function, especially in regard to learning. 


For instance, there are methods supposedly thought to exercise or “train” the right brain specifically. Generally, this side of the brain is related to creativity and artistic pursuits. As such, exercising it could involve drawing, painting, participating in a play, dancing, and even activities focused on being social. The right brain is also associated with mindfulness, making meditation and yoga stimulating pastimes for this cerebral hemisphere.


As for stimulating the left brain, you could learn a new language, play chess, and other similar pursuits associated with logic, linear thinking, and language. Along the same lines is solving everything from difficult adult puzzles to basic math problems, as even the simplest mathematical concepts build up the left brain. It should be noted that while these traits are thought to involve one side or the other, the brain is not so simple. Scientifically speaking, there is no major line of distinction and the groupings are not so black and white.


There are certain activities which train both sides simultaneously and strengthen a person’s cognitive abilities. These might include playing a strategy game filled with visually appealing design elements or reading quietly for pleasure. You could also try using your non-dominant hand for day-to-day actions since the hemispheres are each tied to bodily control. Historically, some of the greatest minds were known to have struck a favorable balance between both of their brain’s hemispheres. With the right training, imagine what you’re capable of achieving!


These examples merely scratch the surface of what you can do for your brain. For further information on brain training, please see the accompanying resource.


Author bio: David Rolls is the owner of MasterPieces, a manufacturer of high-quality jigsaw puzzles, games, toys, and sports items. Rolls has more than 25 years of experience in the puzzle industry and focuses on leading with innovation and cutting-edge designs.



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