In America, people who are not proficient readers statistically make far less money than those who are better educated. They also tend to be far less healthy. Why is that? Just because you can't read well and you're not that healthy is it your fault? Is there anything you can do about it if you were given the chance? Studies show that there's an 8.6% increase in productivity for each year of education. 70% of those who receive welfare have low literacy levels, and 47% have not graduated high school and 48% live in poverty. These stats are an indication that Americans need to put more emphasis on completing at least a high school level for their own health and welfare. Unfortunately, some high schools are graduating student when their reading abilities do not equip them for reasonable employment. If your reading levels are proficient, you have the ability and motivation to learn how to improve your life and health because it's easy and enjoyable to read your way to success.

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