What is Your IEP situation or expertise?:

I would just like to state that i have been doing IEP's now for my daughter for 5 years, and yes i think there a good idea if you keep a close eye that they are actualy being done at school because at my daughters old school they had said that she had completed them. When i applied for the B squared that was the case the Bsquared which i will just explain what Bsquared are! These are the percetage charts for the IEP's which should add up and match the IEP's in my daughters case they didnt match up and what was happening was the school was saying she had completed this when she hadnt and in most schools are children who may not be the highest in a special needs class have to do the work of the highest functioning in that class weather they've completed the things they need. So i would like to say to parents ask the school for a copy of all IEP's and the Bsquared for each year and see if your child really is matching up to what the school is saying. And always get a Child Pyschologist to do a report on your child so you know as a parent what level they are at and what they need to be doing very important, as specialists, teachers will tell you lots of things but dont forget the schools,councils are all working together and its all a conspiracy act, anything to save money councils have budgets. Also always ask the school for finacial details to check how much money they are spending on your child to see if they are really getting the therapys and the things they are suppose to be getting i bet if everyone of you did this you would be amazed at how many of your children arent getting what they need. I hope this helps people.

Good Luck
And Look After Our Special Little Anglesxx