Listening to music has many health benefits; it is not just for entertainment anymore. Listening to music improves long-term memory. Listening to one song can trigger memories that occurred with that song. Listening to the same music while studying can help you remember what you learned while testing. Listening to faster music may help you get things done faster. It can improve your mood; it even helps fight fatigue but releasing Dopamine into your system. Learning to play an instrument even has its own set of rewards. It allows you to turn information into an auditory signal allowing you to remember more. It allows your brain to distinguish between rapidly changing sounds in speech. Playing an instrument creates more neural pathways, new ways for the brain to receive information from your body. Playing an instrument increases your memory because it is a lot of memorization. Musicians can hear even the slightest of differences better than someone who isn’t a musician.

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Music’s Effect on Le

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