The various images provided information regarding how music therapy, coupled with proper healthy lifestyle can help with various psychological, emotional, physical, mental and social disorders. Music therapy is an alternative approach to traditional modern day psychological treatments and is amongst oldest and one of the most effective forms of treatment that has helped millions of people around the world to deal with their day-to-day life and problems. Music therapy works by rewarding and distracting patients all the while providing the patients with a form of entertainment. Music is something that everybody enjoys and it just likes to listen, be it classical, rock, hip-hop everybody has their own preferences to what they would like to hear. A music therapist employs your likes and preferences taking them into account and provides you with counseling and advice all the while he plays your favorite songs. Lastly, at the end of the day, music therapy brings out the creativeness, assertiveness and makes you much more effective, efficient and enjoyable and a happy person. One should definitely consider and use music therapy as a form of treatment instead of regular forms of treatments and counseling which often comes out as imposing and invading the patient's privacy and rights.

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